Request a Short Play

As people who have produced plays with community groups, students in schools and professional actors, it’s very important to us that you end up with the play you want. We want you to make the decision-making process as simple and as risk-free as possible so we have reduced the Short Play process to these two steps.

If you are intending to charge an admission fee then follow the steps set out below. Go to the fees section to see costs involved.

However, where the audience are not going to be charged an entry fee such as with a show-case evening or where the performance is part of a recognised charity event, there may not be a charge either for the script or the Performance Rights.

If that’s the case, please go straight to the Performance Rights Application form where you’ll see a space for you to tell us what you are planning to do. We’ll then let you know what steps you’ll need to take. Whatever is decided, we will still need to issue you with a Performance Rights certificate.

You can download a list of the current prices for all plays here: Fees

Step 1: Licensed Copy Application

You’ve decided you like what you’ve read so far and now want to buy the full play, so use the form below.

Licensed Copy Application Form

Licensed Copy Application
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  5. I agree that the purpose of obtaining this Licenced Copy is to enable me/us to make a decision about its future production;
  6. There will be no attempt to stage all or any part of this text other than as part of a decision-making process;
  7. Possession of the Licenced Copy gives me the right to print/send on line such copies as may be required as part of the decision-making process to members of that group;
  8. I /we will not print/send on-line copies to any individual outside the decision-making group until performance rights have been granted. At this point I may print/send on line such copies to members of the company – cast, crew, designers etc - involved in or in some way linked to the production.
  9. The text will not be passed on to any third party beyond the organisation/institution/company making this application.

Step 2: Performance Rights Application

You’ve chosen the performance dates, so use the following form to request your performance rights.

Performance Rights Application Form

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