Request a Play

I want you to be sure that what you end up paying for is what you want. So this is how it works:

The full-length plays

Step 1 – having a look at the first half of the play: The extracts on the site may have got you this far but I reckon you need a better look at the text before committing yourself further – I would. So, you can request an emailed copy of the play’s first half free of charge by writing to:
and we’ll email you a copy.

First Half Application
  1. *
  2. *
  3. *
  4. *
  5. I agree that the purpose of obtaining this part of the text is to enable me/us to make a decision about a future production;
  6. There will be no attempt to stage all or any part of this section of text other than as part of a decision-making process;
  7. The text will not be passed on to any third party beyond the organisation/institution/company making this application.

Step 2 – buying your licensed copy: So you’ve now read the first half and decided to go ahead. What you do now is to buy a licensed copy of the play. This allows you to make as many hard copies of the text as you need or send it on-line to everyone involved in the production so that they can print their own hard copies. The charge for the licensed copies of each play are set out below.
You buy your licensed copy by writing to
for an agreement form. Once you’ve completed and returned the agreement form we’ll ask you to forward your payment using Paypal. Then we email you your licensed copy.

Step 3 – the performance rights bit: You write to requesting a performance rights application form. When you’ve completed and returned the form, we check it over and then let you know when to forward your performance rights payment through Paypal. We’ll then send you the performance license.

We keep these two processes separate – buying the licensed copy and obtaining performance rights – as people sometimes don’t know precise performance dates at the time of requesting a licensed copy. The performance rights charges are set out below.

The shorter (one act) plays

There is no first half of the text available. The extracts have been chosen to give you enough of an idea of the whole piece.

  • Step 1 – You go straight to buying a licensed copy of the text as described in Step 2 above. The licensed copy charges are set out below.
  • Step 2 – Write and tell us the circumstances within which the play you have chosen will be performed. Productions where the audience will be charged an admission fee will normally attract a performance rights charge. Where the piece is used as part of a free show-case evening for example, there will normally be no charge. However, we will still issue you with a performance licence. So write and tell us what you’re doing to: