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Why being a director helps with being a playwright.

Oh, what a miserable delay there’s been between the last posting and this! Apologies. Thing is, I’ve been up to my lucky ears in directing a play – one of the other things I do besides writing them. In fact, … Continue reading

On in Mexico.

My ten-minute play, ‘Brief Encounter’ that won the ten-minute play competition at NVT in Brighton in 2010 and was then put on at a Naked Stage event at the ADC Theatre in Cambridge, has been chosen to close the Diez … Continue reading

‘You’ at The Courtyard (2)

The run came to an end last night. What a wonderful experience to work with two such fine professional actors, Sarah Meadows and Stephen Myott, directed by the excellent June Abbot. So many memories, one of them being the night … Continue reading

‘You’ at The Courtyard Theatre, London.

My big news of the month: ‘You’ is on at The Courtyard Theatre in London from October 23rd to November 3rd. You can book at: There’s a full description of the play elsewhere on the site. To save you … Continue reading

What a Play is For.

I’ve been away directing ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ at NVT in Brighton – a big beast of a play, to be sure. So here’s just one, of many, thoughts to come out of the process. It’s about what I think … Continue reading

Writing the big moments.

Someone once said – probably correctly – that we should write from experience. Someone else said, ‘We create from the damage.’ Well, this is not a warning, more a ‘watch out’. Sometimes we can write that close to ourselves and … Continue reading

The NWS on-line ‘Writing for Radio’ course.

I’m now into week 7 of a ‘Writing for Radio’ course run by New Writing South here in the UK with the extraordinary Anna McGrail as the course facilitator. There are about fifteen of us on the course most of … Continue reading

Pace – what makes the work, work.

Pace and changing it: two elements of writing, acting and directing that we ignore at our very real peril; and really, they’re both pretty easy to keep close by throughout the work – a touchstone, a compass. It’s what never … Continue reading

School Plays

November, and if you are a drama teacher or in any way seen as the key figure in the production of ‘THE SCHOOL SHOW’, you’ll probably be up to your eyeballs right now in hours of rehearsals, asking yourself why … Continue reading

Welcome to my blog!

So firstly, welcome to the site and my first Blog. What I can promise you is some considered thoughts; I simply don’t have the time to be telling folks what I had for lunch etc, etc, and I guess folks … Continue reading