Short Plays

Brief Encounter

Setting: A cinema. The present day.

Notes: Comic - 1m / 1f - 10 minutes - Winner of the ‘NVT Ten Minute Play’ competition, 2010.

Their affair has been discovered. He sees this as an opportunity to create a more permanent relationship. She is horrified at the thought. As far as she is concerned, it’s over. Under the film’s dramatic soundtrack their whispered row is suddenly halted when they make an uncomfortable discovery.

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Myrtle and the Comic-Relief Literary Convention

Setting: 1939

Notes: Comic - 3m / 2f - 10 minutes - The piece is performed as a live radio broadcast during which the cast or crew create the sound effects.

Noel Coward is interrupted during the first draft composition of the ‘Brief Encounter’ screenplay by Myrtle Bagot, the tea-room manageress character. She threatens him with exposure unless he gives her all of Laura’s lines and drops the comic-relief literary convention that has working class characters portrayed as witless and without emotional depth. The film’s future is threatened by her demands until the Alec character finds a compromise.

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You - The Monologue

Setting: The 70s

Notes: Dramatic - 1f - 15 minutes - Radio version was part of the ‘Thicker Than Water’ series on BBC Radio 4.

She had the baby boy when she was sixteen. Now in middle-age the arrival of his letter disturbs and excites her. He wants to meet her, to take her out. But what will he think of her, and surely there’ll be blame – there’s always blame. Her fears take her back to her sixteen year-old self, her relationship with her parents, the moment she gave the baby up to the nurse for the last time. She wants to ‘phone and cancel the meeting. The doorbell rings. THIS PLAY IS NOW PUBLISHED BY SAMUEL FRENCH TO WHOM INQUIRIES CONCERNING ALL AMATEUR AND PROFESSIONAL RIGHTS SHOULD BE MADE RATHER THAN THROUGH THIS SITE.

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