Full Length Plays

A Great and Noble Enterprise

Setting: Christmas Eve, 1660 – England

Notes: Dramatic with comic elements - 12m / 8f - Full length -

From opposite ends of the social and political divide, Bridget Saltmarsh and Lady Anne Fairfax travel back to England’s recently-ended Civil War in their attempts to reconcile their very different perspectives of that time. Each has a story they need to resolve and despite their initial antagonism towards each other, they come to accept the importance each has to that resolution.

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La Gloria

Setting: 18th century Venice

Notes: Comic and dramatic - 13f / 11m - Full length -

The governors of the orphanage where Vivaldi teaches the girl musicians are split. Some argue for his dismissal, irritated by his seeming cult status amongst the girls. Others demand his retention as an easy source of prestige and ticket-sale revenue. Only the orphanage’s Mother Superior recognises his true value as a figure who, through his teaching, is able to bring about a transformation in the orphan girls’ sense of their own self worth.

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Setting: Bethlem Hospital for the Criminally Insane, London. 1850s.

Notes: Dramatic with comic elements - 4m / 2f - Full length - Radio version was a BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play.

Doctors Charles Hood and George Haydon, sickened by the medieval approach towards treatment of the insane, struggle to introduce their own reforms. Their relationship becomes increasingly strained as Haydon adapts his approach towards one we would now recognise as a form of psychotherapy.

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The Adjudicator

Setting: Home Counties, 1930s.

Notes: Comedy - 10f / 10m - Full length -

Failed gangster, Billy Rich, escapes his gang by impersonating a female drama-festival adjudicator whom he meets on her way to a competition. Billy struggles to fend off the festival entrants’ increasingly desperate attempts to bribe him in order to win the festival’s first prize while the police and the gang, now using their own participation in the same competition as cover, close in.

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Setting: A range of settings that should be created in stylised

Notes: Dramatic/comic - 4m/4f - 1 hour - This stage version is based upon the original one-woman radio play broadcast on BBC Radio 4.

She had the baby boy when she was sixteen. Now in middle-age the arrival of his letter disturbs and excites her. In her mind she creates for us the other characters connected to her story: the couple who adopted her baby; her father’s conversations with the social worker who arranged the adoption; the boy with whom she had the baby. The play is designed to be performed by two actors. THIS PLAY IS NOW PUBLISHED BY SAMUEL FRENCH TO WHOM INQUIRIES CONCERNING ALL AMATEUR AND PROFESSIONAL RIGHTS SHOULD BE MADE RATHER THAN THROUGH THIS SITE.

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