On in Mexico.

My ten-minute play, ‘Brief Encounter’ that won the ten-minute play competition at NVT in Brighton in 2010 and was then put on at a Naked Stage event at the ADC Theatre in Cambridge, has been chosen to close the Diez Minutos festival to be held in San Miguel de Allende in Mexico this coming March. It’s going to be directed by the very clever (and lovely) Christine Foster with whom I shared some coffee when she was over here in England back in December. Christine is Canadian and lives in San Miguel which has an arts community that has been growing for a number of years and has attracted artists involved in a range of different art forms from all over the world. It was a memorable meeting for all sorts of reasons: her description of San Miguel; the range of her work and the different countries in which she has lived and worked. One of the things I’ll not forget was, when we were discussing the text, she suddenly picked out a specific line – I forget which one now – telling me that ‘That’s so English. An American, for example, would never say that.’ We forget – or I forget anyway – how closely we are tied in to our culture and its linguistic forms without even knowing it. So does that mean that those writers who have a world-wide readership/audience are somehow able to transcend those cultural conventions?

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