‘You’ at The Courtyard (2)

The run came to an end last night. What a wonderful experience to work with two such fine professional actors, Sarah Meadows and Stephen Myott, directed by the excellent June Abbot. So many memories, one of them being the night the audience sat in silence after the actors had taken the curtain call and had to be asked to leave by the technical crew as they had to get cleared up for the following evening. Thank you to all of you who were able to get along and who texted/mailed me afterwards.

The whole process reinforced for me the notion, to which I have referred in previous blogs, that writers have to be sure to hand on their script to a director who then must hand it to the actors who then, in turn, hand it to the audience. For me, it’s the audience who, consciously or otherwise and however minimally, allow their experience of the play to affect their conversations, their understanding of others, their behaviour and this, like the ripples we get when we throw a pebble into a pond, will reach another writer and so starts the cycle all over again. So, there we go.

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