The NWS on-line ‘Writing for Radio’ course.

I’m now into week 7 of a ‘Writing for Radio’ course run by New Writing South here in the UK with the extraordinary Anna McGrail as the course facilitator. There are about fifteen of us on the course most of whom are based here in the UK although one of the group is a writer living in New York. We get listening and writing assignments each week and, from lesson 5 onwards, we have been encouraged to start thinking about and planning our own radio play. Through the on-line forum we get helpful notes from Anna and from the rest of the group which means lots of chat and an exchange of views and ideas. The course has been so helpful because it has not only ‘forced’ me to write something each week but it has reminded me of the basic building blocks of the writing process. Part of the lesson five assignment for example was to, ‘Describe your play in one sentence.’ How’s that for getting the important stuff sorted out and put in place? So, this is not only a plug for NWS and its on-line courses, it’s also a plug for writing, for ‘turning up’ as the great Julia (The Artist’s Way) Cameron describes it. No play was ever written by an empty chair.

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