Pace – what makes the work, work.

Pace and changing it: two elements of writing, acting and directing that we ignore at our very real peril; and really, they’re both pretty easy to keep close by throughout the work – a touchstone, a compass. It’s what never lets an audience settle, what keeps them challenged and uncertain – breathless. If the work feels poor and you come away remembering nothing more than the ice-cream you had before you went in, then it’s probably because of the lack of pace and lack of pace change. So, take me to plays where the writing, the direction and the acting have had time devoted to the emotional speed of the work, its vocal and physical speed. And take me to work where that speed is constantly changing so that I never settle, that I stay challenged and uncertain, so that I remain breathless. Went to see ‘Crush’ at The Finborough Theatre earlier in the week, written by my dear friend Rob Young, directed by the inestimable Laura Casey. There it was: Pace, its changes slapping me around the face, demanding and demanding attention. What a treat!

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