School Plays

November, and if you are a drama teacher or in any way seen as the key figure in the production of ‘THE SCHOOL SHOW’, you’ll probably be up to your eyeballs right now in hours of rehearsals, asking yourself why the only person who appears to care about this whole mad exhausting thing is you; or that’s how it can feel. But think of this: ask anyone what they recall from their school days with the greatest fondness and often with a level of detail they could never bring to a recollection of other aspects of school life, and they’ll often tell you about the shows they were in.

So, here’s to having to placate a group of car-key jangling parents noisily crowding the back of an overrun rehearsal. Here’s to finding out your lead actor is suddenly facing a three-day exclusion for what occurred in yesterday’s maths lesson. Here’s to having a bad dress rehearsal and then having to put up with bright sparks on the staff who cheerily tell you that, as a result, you’re simply bound to have great first night – what do they know? And here’s to you.

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