So, you’re looking for a play – or could be.

Could be that what you want is a comic ten-minute piece for two actors. Or maybe it’s a full-length play for a cast of over twenty. Perhaps it’s a heart-felt fifteen-minute monologue spoken by a female character or a powerful full-length piece for six actors. Well maybe what you need is right here.

So what are they like, these plays?

They’ve been performed in theatres, on Radio 4 and in schools. They’re not political. I don’t write to express a social message. I’m passionate about what motivates people, about the ways in which they express their emotional selves; how they live through the stories of their lives. Those are the stories I want to tell.

What you won’t get are lengthy stage directions – I believe it’s the director’s job to work with the actors on all that stuff, not the writer’s. Although I suggest ways of staging the work based upon successful interpretations I have had the pleasure to watch, again, I reckon that that’s up to you.

All you’ll get from me is the story and the characters who live their way through it.

So why these plays? Because they’ve made audiences laugh, they’ve made them cry they’ve made them think, they’ve felt touched – some of them – by the lives they’ve watched and the way in which it has had them look into their own lives.